Fitness distance

For recreational skaters, we organize a competition in fitness distance.

The length of the distance is only 10.7 km – 2 loops each 5 250 m long + finish line 230 m long, flat track, no driveways and downhill runs.

Start of fitness distance: 27th of August (Saturday) at 2.00 P.M.

Participation fee for fitness distance is 130.00 PLN (28 euro) in time to 20th August.

Particiption fee for fitness distance during registration at the competition office on August 27, 22. is 200.00 PLN ( 43 euro)

The participants receive a starter pack which contains a chip and start numbers. The chip is used for time measure and contains two stickers, which should be attached to the both sides of the helmet. The chip is for one-time use only.

 Registration for fitness distance is possible with a  registration form:
or directly at the Competition Office in the MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk, on  27th of August 2022.

The registration will be closed for 30 minutes before the start.


Wearing helmet is mandatory and pads are recommended. Sport outfit should be comfortable. For teens under 18, the start is possible with parent’s or legal guardian’s acceptation confirmed by signing the Statement which is available at Competition Office.

Each participant receives a commemorative medal and participates in a lottery, where the prizes will be drawn.