12th Lech Walesa August Marathon
Gdansk; 27 August 2022

  1. Aims of the event
    1.1 The August Marathon’s main aims are:
    a. promotion of the city of Gdansk in Poland and in Europe,
    b. emergence of best competitors within the Poland Championship,
    c. popularization of roller skating among Polish citizens,
    d. healthy lifestyle promotion,
    e. promotion of physical activity as means of overweight prevention,
    f. alcohol abuse prevention,
    g. promotion of physical activity within families, regardless of the age.                                                                                                             
  2. 2. Organizers
    2.1. The August Marathon is organised by:
    a. Stowarzyszenie Kultury Fizycznej Twister Trójmiasto, Sekcja Wrotkarstwa Szybkiego (SKF Twister Trójmiasto; Twister Tricity Physical Education Society, Speed Skating Section), located in Gdańsk, Al. Zwycięstwa 51.
    mobile: +48 601303011
    landline: +48 58 5558200
    fax: +48 58 5558202
    official website:
    b. The August Marathon is co-organised by Polski Związek Sportów Wrotkarskich (PZSW; The Polish Skating Sports Union), located in Warsaw, ul. Inspektowa 1, room 109.
  3. 3. Dates and place of the competitions
    3.1 The competitions will be held on the following dates:
    27th August, 2022 (Saturday)
    10:00 am. – 12.00 a.m. –children’s competitions including children speed skating and other accompanying events, EXPO sport fairs,
    2:00 p.m – fitness run
    3:15 p.m – the main start ( marathon and halfmarathon) 3.2. The main part of the competitions will take place on 27th  August, 2022 on a marked circuit near Stadium Polsat PLus Arena Gdansk and MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk. Circuit will be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic. Crossing the circuit by cars and pedestrians will be controlled by the Police, Municipial Police and the Organizer’s security services.
    3.3. Start and finish line – ul. Żaglowa 11, near MTG AMBER EXPO
    3.4. Circuit length: 5,25 km + finish 0,23 km – the route is attested by PZSW.4. August Marathon officials
    5. The Marathon office / Registration / Registration fee
    5.1. Competitions’ Office
    a. The Office of the August Marathon Organizer is located in Sopot, 33 Rzemieślnicza street (postal code 81-855) (STBU Insurance Brokers office), open Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., tel. +48 58 555 82 00, fax. +48 58 555 82 02, e-mail: The Office will only be located at the above until the 14 August 2019 (included).
    b. On the 27 of August 2022 the Organizer’s Office will be moved to MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk, (the start and finish area of the races). Its working hours will be:
    27th August 2022– from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    5.2. Registration
    a. Registration can be done through the website where an online registration form can be filled in until the 20.08.2022 at 11.59 pmb. Registration is completed once the registration form is received by the Organizer and the registration fee is transferred to the Organizer’s bank account. The registration fees are determined by the Marathon Regulations, point 5.7. Once paid the fee will not be returned. The Organizer will not be held responsible for registration forms and postal orders/bank transfers lost by a post office or bank. The title field of the bank transfer/postal order should contain the name and surname of the competitor.
    c. Upon completing the registration and covering the registration fee every competitor will be given a start number.
    d. Once the registration fee payment is received, the start number will appear next to the competitor’s name on the start list posted on the Marathon website
    5.3. The deadline for registration for the race is the 27 of August 2022 at 2:30 p.m, whereas online registration ends on the 20 of August 2022 at 11.59 p.m. Registration forms downloaded after the 20 of August will only be accepted at the Organizer’s Office at MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk within its working hours.
    5.4. Verification of the competitors and issuing of start numbers, gifts and Marathon materials will take place in the Organizer’s Office during its working hours.
    5.5. Every competitor should come in to Organizer’s Office at MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk in order to confirm his/her participation in the race and receive individual start packet. The start packet should be collected the latest on the 27.08.2022 at 1.30 p.m.
    5.6. Children registration for children’s competition will take place on site.
    5.7 The registration fees are:
Date of payment Cadets A,B,C Other competitors: marathon, half-marathon
before 20.08.2022 25 EUR 25 EUR
payment at the Organizer’s Office 50 EUR 50 EUR

Individually registered competitors will not be entitled to the above discount.
All discounts are available through on-line registration only, at
Children participating in children races are exempt from the registration fee.

5.8 Domestic transfers:
a. Before/on the 10 August, 2019 the registration fee should be made to the above bank account :
SKF Twister Trójmiasto
Bank MILLENIUM 46 1160 2202 0000 0001 2606 9324
b. On the 24-25 August, 2018 the registration fee will only be accepted at the Organizer’s Office at MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk.
5.9. International transfers:
SKF Twister Trojmiasto
Bank Millenium 46 1160 2202 0000 0001 2606 9324
IBAN : PL 46 1160 2202 0000 0001 2606 9324
a. The registration fee should be made to the above bank account:
5.10. During competitors’ verification at the Organizer’s Office at MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk the athletes will be required to personally sign a declaration stating that they participate in the Marathon at their own risk.
5.11. Competitors with a valid PZSW licence will be admitted to the race on the basis of this licence.
5.12. In exceptional cases requiring medical examination, the doctor’s decision qualifying/not qualifying competitor for the race or to continue it is final.
5.13. The registration fee covers:
a. 2 start numbers + safety pins,
b. a microchip – to be returned after the race
c. start information packet,
d. clothes bags for the locker room,
e. drinks during the race and on the finish,
f. sponsor’s gifts,
g. jury service,
h. medical care,
i. service at the Organizer’s Office,
j. locker room service.

Time measurement
6.1. Time measurement will be done with the Active Chip Technology – the official time is the gross time.
6.2. During verification at the Organizer’s Office at MTG AMBER EXPO Gdansk each competitor will receive a microchip – to be returned to the Organizer , the microchips will not be sent by post.
6.3. Holding the microchip is essential to start the fitness distance, the marathon and the half-marathon and to be ranked in the final report of the competitions.
6.4. The chip should be fastened to a shoe on either leg. Incorrect fastening may lead to the competitor’s omission from ranking.
6.5. The chips are to be returned after the race.
6.6. In order to determine the order of competitors crossing the finish line, the photo-finish system will be operating, only for 10 first competitors.
6.7 1 judge will be responsible for the accuracy of the results.
6.8. The position of those who will not finish the race or who become eliminated from it, shall be classified in the order of them dropping out the race (noticed by the judge).
6.9. Unless an athlete who drops out of the race asks judge for ranking, he/she will not be ranked and their name will not be included in the final ranking of the competitions.
6.10. Men and women will be ranked separately.

7. Ranking and prizes
7.1. The following ranking will be made during the August Marathon:
a. Women and men general ranking – place I – VI
b. Women’s and Men’s Poland Championship(seniors)over the distance of 42 230,0 m
c. Junior’s Poland Championship (A category) over the distance of 42 230,0 m
d. Junior’s Poland Championship (B category )over the distance of 42 230,0 m

e.Cadet`s Poland Championship ( Cadet category) over the distance of 21 230,0 m

7.2. The financial prize pool is 9 000 PLN (50% women 50% men).
7.3. Best men athletes and best women athletes in general category will receive financial prize, as stated below:
I place – 2.500 PLN
II place – 1.500 PLN
III place – 500 PLN

a. Women’s and men’s Poland Championship category:
– cups and non-financial prizes for places I- III
b. Junior’s Poland Championship for A category:
– cups and non-financial prizes for places I- III
c. Junior’s Poland Championship B category:
– cups and non-financial prizes for places I- III

7.4. The prizes in women’s and men’s age categories will be awarded to persons ranked according to the net time.
7.5. Income tax will be deducted from the financial prizes in compliance with the provisions of the current law.
7.6. All the competitors who finish the race will be awarded commemorative medals.
7.7. All the children participating in accompanying races will be awarded commemorative medals.
7.8. For all the participants a prize draw will be held.

8. Technical regulations

8.1. The competitions are open. Competitors of both Polish and foreign nationality will be admitted to the start. In the separate Poland Championship marathon ranking only competitors with a valid PZWS licence may take part.
8.2. The time limit for the main race – the marathon and the half-marathon is 3 hours.
8.3. Those persons who do not complete the marathon distance within the given time limit, and those who wish to cover a shorter distance, may participate in the half-marathon race, which will be held together with the main marathon race (the competitors finish after running the 1 lap). The competitors start together (in accordance with the division into sectors, see point 8.4).
8.4. Competitors should take their place at the start line in the following order:
a. SECTOR I – marathon men
b. SECTOR II – marathon women
c. SECTOR III – half marathon men
d. SECTOR IV – half marathon women
Men and women athletes start separately.
If it is considered necessary the main judge may change the above order, verbally informing competitors of a change.
8.5. The route will be marked every 5,23 kilometres.
8.6. Within the competitions, the following races will take place:
a. the marathon over a distance of 42 230 m – all the competitors who, in the registration form, declared their participation in this race, including seniors (born in 2003 and earlier) and A category juniors (born 2004/2005) with valid PZSW licences, B category juniors (born 2006/2007).
b. Age category is based on the date of birth.
8.7. During the race, all competitors are obliged to wear their start numbers (at least 2 pieces) attached to:
a. the shorts’ right leg (1 piece),
b. the back (1 piece).

8.8. Each competitor taking part in the August Marathon has to be verified in the Organizer’s Office on 27 August, 2022. In order to get verified, the competitors must have their valid ID or passport together with the registration fee payment receipt.
8.9. In order to be admitted to the August Marathon one has to be over 18 years of age on the day of 27 August, 2022, and competitors of the junior A and junior B categories have to possess a valid PZSW licence.
8.10. The underage persons without a PZSW licence can participate only with their parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent.
8.11. The course of the race along the whole route will be monitored by judges delegated by PZWS. The judges will cover the route on motorbikes/ scooters/ by cars.
8.12. Checkpoints operated in the Chip Technology will be located along the race route. The checkpoints’ staff will be registering the start numbers of any competitors who take shortcuts. Those competitors will be disqualified.
8.13. The marathon route will be closed to vehicular traffic until 6.30 p.m. Competitors who will not complete the route until that time are obliged to stop the race
8.14. Refreshments will be provided at one 1 point along the route. There will be drinks provided by the organizer.
8.15. During the race all competitors must have their microchip fastened to either leg at ankle height (shoe lace). Placing the microchip elsewhere may lead to disqualification. Omission of a racer during time measurement, and thus omission from the ranking list due to a misplaced chip shall not be base for protest.
8.16. Competitors may enter the races individually or in international (sponsored), national or club teams.
8.17. Racers must wear uniform suitable for the marathon. Those who are not dressed correctly can be excluded from the race. Members of the same team shall wear same uniforms.
8.18. All the competitors and persons taking part in the race as volunteers are obliged to wear protective helmets. Protective helmets need to be rigid and possess a homologation in compliance with international safety provisions. Helmets’ length must not exceed 30 cm. They must be well fixed in order to guarantee good head protection at all times.
8.19. During the race, competitors must wear wrist protectors or gloves. Knee and elbow pads are also recommended.
8.20. For skates, a maximum of 6 wheels are permitted. The skate length including the wheels must not exceed 50 cm, and the frame cannot exceed the wheels. Clap skates are permitted.
8.21. During the race, competitors must neither push nor pull each other. Blocking another athlete by changing one’s trajectory, as well as using animals to pull an athlete, are forbidden. Those responsible will be given a written warning. Athlete’s entering or attempting to enter a group in a non-adapted way (arm push or grabbing), will be punished.
8.22. No help can be given to another racer («train push» for sprint, «chasing push», push to get out of a group).
8.23. In case of violation of the above rules made with the aim of favouring the success of the same team, the enforced penalty will be applied to all the athletes in question. The sanction for help given during the race is a written warning (if the penalised conduct did not significantly change the race’s outcome) or disqualification (if fault did change the result of the race). These points are especially observed in the last part of the race.
8.24. Athletes are permitted to use a heart rate meter device. Receptor devices can be worn at the wrist. The judge may reject the use of telemetry devices that represent an evident danger for the athlete or for other racers.
8.25. In order to guarantee a fair competition, women are not allowed to participate in men’s competitions and are not allowed to run immediately behind men. In case one or several women athletes catch up to men athletes, men shall be considered as lapped and must stay behind the women who lapped them. Men athletes are neither allowed to place themselves inside a group of women, nor can they disturb or help women athletes. In case of breach of this rule, the enforced penalty shall be the disqualification of the involved athletes and their immediate exclusion from the race.
8.26. When athletes are lapped by another racer or by a group of racers, the «leaders’ precedence rule» shall be enforced. They shall step aside on the right side of the road and allow the passage of the athletes who are lapping them. Lapped athletes shall always position behind those who lapped them. In case of breach of this rule, the enforced penalty shall be the disqualification of the involved athletes and their immediate exclusion from the race.
8.27. Registration fees, transport, accommodation, and other costs are covered by the competitors or delegating organizations.
8.28. During the race, the referee only can order for the race to be stopped. Any race-stop deriving from a case of «force majeure» (exceptional weather conditions, impracticable road, public demonstration) shall be considered as nullification. After the interruption, only the athletes who were present at the moment of the marathon interruption shall be allowed to resume the race. The athletes who abandoned the race or the disqualified ones are excluded. In case of nullification, the time gaps between the groups shall be respected . The new start shall be given in the exact same place where the competitor was at the time of a nullification or in the closest possible to the nullification one. In case of brakes, the time shall be calculated by a member of the jury and hence the group shall respect the same time before resuming the race.
8.29. No complaints will be accepted from skaters who consider themselves being wrongly treated in result of nullification.
8.30. Locker rooms will be located near the Race Office and  races’ finishing area. Competitors should hand in their belongings put inside bags marked with their start numbers until 2.00 p.m. Valuables (documents, money, keys) will not be accepted. The bags will be returned upon presenting the start number. If a competitor loses his/her start number, the Organizer shall not be held responsible for the bag being collected by another person. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for belongings left outside the locker room.
8.31. Upon completing the race competitors will be given refreshments on the finish line.
8.32. The competitions will be carried out in compliance with WORLD SKATE rules and the Long-Distance Poland Championship regulations, where it is permissible to start on wheels up to 125 mm inclusive.
8.33 The Organizer does not provide accommodation. Contact information for facilities recommended by the Organizer can be found on the Marathon website. Other accommodation facilities, covered within one’s capacity are also available.
8.34 All Marathon racers can enjoy free massage service provided near start and finish lines.
8.35 In the event of adverse weather conditions (rain, wet) marathon organizers, the Main Judge may change cross-country main.

9. Disqualification

9.1. The Organizer has the right to remove (and thus disqualify) a competitor from the race in cases described in point 8, as well as in case of:
a. a competitor’s inability to continue the race (the decision is made by the medical personnel),
b. surpassing the time limit,
c. starting in the wrong category or from the wrong section,
d. damaging, covering or inappropriate use of the start number,
e. handing over one’s start number or microchip to another person,
f. omission of even a fragment of the race course or covering it in a way different than what was permitted by the Organizer,
g. a racer’s absence at a checkpoint or no time measurement at a time measurement point,
h. breach of safety provisions,
i. breach of fair-play rules and the rules described herein,
j. not following the referee’s or Organizer’s instructions,
k. entrance of unauthorized person(s) from the athlete’s team (e.g., bicycle escort).

10. Appeals

10.1. A complaint against a decision made by the jury shall be presented to the attention of the Main Judge and the Marathon Director.
10.2. The complaint shall be produced to the referee within 15 minutes following the official results of the order of arrival. The complaint form shall be filled in completely, and accompanied by a deposit of 300 PLN. This deposit will be reimbursed only in case of complaint recognition.
10.3. The written complaint shall be handed to the referee by an athlete’s representative. While the jury is dealing with the complaint, the team manager as well as the team skaters must be staying near the jury office. The Main Judge’s decision is final and conclusive.
10.4. The complaint form is available at the Organizer’s Office.

11. Accompanying events

11.1. Within the bounds of the competitions, on 17 August, 2019 before the following accompanying events will be organized:
a. children skating races,
b. skating races in special categories,
d. skating and sport fairs

e. skate park for children,
11.2. The programme of the accompanying events may be modified.

12. Final remarks

12.1. During the race all the competitors should follow the instructions of security, judges, technical service personnel, and individuals acting on behalf of the Organizer.

12.2. The Organizer does not provide insurance against accidents, thus the competitors must have individual insurance policies set up in their own capacity (against accidents and health insurance).
12.3. The Director and the Main Judge of the August Marathon reserve rights to interpret the above regulations.
12.4. The Organizer assumes that every competitor has read and agreed to the above the regulations.
12.5. The competitors allow for processing of their personal data for the purpose of the August Marathon and for publishing their image on films and photos taken during the Marathon.
12.6. The Organizer provides medical care on the race course and at the finish line of the marathon.
12.7. The Organizer reserves rights to modify the above regulations and any other information related to the marathon.