Sports Ambassadors

Jacek Domański

Polish theater and film actor, marathon participant, triathlete, associated with the August Marathon from the very beginning.


Adrian Struzik

The native dweller of Gdansk, who loved roller skating just beside the handball. Currently he is a resident of Szczecin, but constantly connected with Gdansk. He started his coaching career at the club AZS AWFiS Gdańsk, then at the club Vistal Łączpol Gdynia. Currently the first chopper trainer Pogoń Baltica Szczecin and the second coach of the Polish national team in women’s handball. Awarded as Trainer of the Year 2016 during the Plebiscite of the Szczecin Land.

Szymon Moszny 

Personal trainer and physiotherapist, lover of roller-skating sports. Currently, he likes to go fast over long distances. Entrepreneur in the fitness industry, runs one of the largest channels on strength sports in Polish YouTube (Channel name: Szymon Moszny)  A speaker at fitness congresses, for 12 years he has been training personal trainers how to be better in their profession.